A little bit about us

Oasis Kyrgyzstan is a non-governmental organization formed in 2008. The foundation is a part of the Oasis Global family – interdependent organizations delivering innovative healthcare, housing, and youth development projects in ten countries.

Oasis Kyrgyzstan positions itself among national civil society organizations in the field of social protection and integration of vulnerable children and women, victims of gender-based violence and human-trafficking, youth in conflict with the law.

Oasis Kyrgyzstan provides social protection for vulnerable children and women by providing them hard and soft skills for transitioning to independent and self-sustaining living standards after graduation from orphanages/boarding schools, leaving institutions. Oasis Kyrgyzstan collaborates directly with the The Probation Department under the Ministry of Justice of Kyrgyzstan, Office of The Ombudsman of The Kyrgyz Republic, Ministry of Labor and Social Development, Ministry of Education and Science. The overall number of underage beneficiaries of Oasis Kyrgyzstan is over 600 in five years . These young people received support in accessing further and/or technical education; reclaiming lost documents on personal identification/medical statements/education statements.; assistance with the necessary legal representation; personal/professional/extracurricular development, and advice and support to prevent them getting involved in crime and religious radicalization.

https://oasisorg.kg/ https://www.facebook.com/OasisKyrgyzstan/

How we are working

In Kyrgyzstan, 17,000 children live in residential institutions. 450-500 children aged 15-17 graduate annually. Most children in orphanages do not complete their secondary education or are unable to continue their education at a college or university.

Of course, we understand that higher education is not a guarantee of success and getting a job. However, today not all the children we work with are ready to enter an educational institution, and we want to support really forward-looking and hard-working children who are determined to master the profession and continue to improve. Graduates of residential institutions need to take care of their food and housing themselves. Our care leavers with a 9-grade education, which often does not mean that they have really mastered this program. They have to survive. But this does not mean that they do not have a dream to succeed – to get a profession and a job.

Therefore, we have decided to create a crowdfunding online platform "Bilimbelek" to collect voluntary donations for the development and education of graduates of residential institutions in Kyrgyzstan. Our goal is to provide equal opportunities for the education of ambitious children who are left without care and support from relatives or parents, so that as many as possible care leavers can get an education, profession, and improve their talents.

This project won first place at the media and social innovation laboratory 2016 in Kazakhstan, organized by Internews, where the idea was supported by regional experts in the area of new technologies and promotion. The project is ambitious, we are sure that it will become a successful social initiative and talented care leavers will be able to realize their dream of getting an education and a job. Therefore, we will be happy if you support the project with any amount or help us distribute this information.

If you decide to help us, you can go to the children's profiles, where you can find complete information with videos and photos about our wards and their plans for education. For your convenience, we have placed a payment system on the website - transfer from a Visa/Master Card Bank account. You can also meet us in our office at Turusbekova 109/3 street, Bishkek to discuss issues of support in another form, for example, if you want to transfer funds for education or training materials/tools. When transferring funds, the Bank will charge 3% for its services.

In turn, we undertake to transfer funds not directly to the account of children, but to the account of a teenager in an educational institution for semesters, and we will also publish financial and program reports on the progress of children on the website, so that you can be sure of the transparency of our actions and responsibility for children assigned to "Oasis" foundation. In addition, we are ready to show our financial documents in our office at Turusbekova 109/3 str., Bishkek, and arrange a meeting with the children you decide to support.

Also, our foundation undertakes to store the personal data of Bilim Belek program participants in complete anonymity.

30% of the funds transferred to support participants in the Bilim Belek program will be transferred to support social workers involved in the realisation of the program.

Fund staff
Director of the foundation
Zhanyl Dzhumabaeva
Zhibek Baktybekova
Coordinator of the "Bilim Belek" program