Askar is a graduate of the Chui boarding school in Tokmok. This year Askar has finished the 11th grade, he completed 2 years of night school to be able to continue his education.

Askar passed nationwide testing and scored 133 points. The training was conducted by a volunteer in the office of the "Oasis" foundation. Good results helped Askar to enter the Kyrgyz National University majoring in "Software engineering". The contract is worth 33,000 kgs. However, they agreed to give him a 50% discount. Thus, we were able to collect the sum of 17,000 kgs.

Askar took mathematics and programming tutoring at the "Oasis" foundation youth center in 2016. He liked trying to write codes, program websites, and so on. In addition, Askar is an active volunteer of our foundation, he regularly attends sports training and loves frisbee. He diligently helps the children and employees of the foundation.

In September 2017 Askar will start his education. We have paid 5,000 kgs, and our social workers will accompany him and share the results of his studies with followers. Wish Askar good luck, we believe in him!