Aizhana dreams of working in the beauty industry
Making a child's dream come true is easy

BilimBilek - crowdfunding project to raise funds for the development and education of children affected by violence and vulnerable youth in Kyrgyzstan

They dream of becoming ...
Elina dreams of learning English language
Required amount: 5 300
Elina is a victim of sexual exploitation and neglect by her parents. In addition to delivering humanitarian and legal assistance to Elina, the fund also begins raising funds for English language courses for the girl - their cost is 5300 soms or 60 US dollars.
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Samira needs English to realize her dream
Required amount: 9 800
Samira is a victim of rape by an adult male. During the rehabilitation, the girl realized that she needed to learn English in order to fulfill her dream of a successful future. The cost of courses for 4 months of Samira will be 9800 KGS OR 112 USD.
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Takhmina dreams of learning to write, read, study science and finish school on an equal basis with other peers
Required amount: 5 180
Tahmina is a victim of sexual exploitation by her stepfather and neglect by her family. She never went to school, and at age 13, entering straight into the 4th grade, she fell far behind the program. The Oasis Foundation is raising funds for Tahmina's school preparation course, which will cost 5180 KGS or 59 USD per month of classes.
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Adele dreams of becoming a lawyer and defending the rights of children!
Required amount: 213 780
Adele dreams of applying to a good university and becoming a qualified lawyer to protect the rights of vulnerable girls and victims of violence. She does not want other girls to go through her way and let the girls experience the violence she experienced. You can help Adele realize her dream of becoming a lawyer and support her university education! Since Adele is not a social orphan by legal status, she cannot receive a discount during her studies. Therefore, the total amount of the contract is required, which is 1 870 US dollars per year. The Bilim Belek program began raising funds for the first year of the university for Adele in 2023. The photo in the article is illustrative.
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Camilla dreams of becoming a psychologist and helping children who need moral support!
Required amount: 40 000
Camilla has decided to become a psychologist and help people with mental issues find themselves in life and not get lost in difficult situations. Currently, her main goal is to gain knowledge in psychology, get a diploma and work as a counseling psychologist in the future.
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Karima dreams of getting a higher education
Required amount: 40 000
Karima, a graduate of a children's boarding school, was identified by the Oeisis Foundation as a victim of labor exploitation. In 2023, Karima dreams of going to university and graduating with a law degree in order to protect her rights and the rights of vulnerable children in the future.
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Camilla started studying psychology at the university
Camilla successfully passed the ORT this year and entered the university to study psychology.
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