Dreams of opening her own atelier
Making a child's dream come true is easy

BilimBilek - a crowdfunding project to raise funds for the development and education of graduates of orphanages in Kyrgyzstan

They dream of becoming ...
Dreams of working in a beauty industry
Required amount: 25 000
Natalia is a graduate of the Kara-Balta orphanage. She is studying to be a teacher at the Arabayev Kyrgyz State University. She dreams of becoming a teacher and helping children reach heights. In her free time, she wants to earn extra money and sign up for eyebrow courses. The courses cost 15,000 soms and also 10,000 soms are needed for materials.
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Required amount: 28 600
Rashida is a very gentle, kind and open girl. While still in the orphanage, she learned to sew and realized that she really likes it! In July 2019 she entered the college at KSUCTA, majoring in "costume design" and now another moment and a dream will come true.
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Dreams of becoming a flight attendant
Required amount: 33 000
She passed to college under the Bishkek Humanities University in the direction of "Translation Studies of the English language."
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Dreams of becoming a businessman
Required amount: 32 000
She passed to the faculty of "Banking" and says that she wants to work in large American banks!
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Required amount: 16 500
Kamil entered the Bishkek College of Humanities and Law of the International University of Kyrgyzstan in 2018, majoring in "Economics", wants to become an excellent accountant and work in large companies.
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Dreams of working with numbers
Required amount: 30 000
Sasha passed to the Bishkek Humanitarian and Legal College of the International University of Kyrgyzstan, direction "Economics", in the future he wants to become an excellent economist!
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